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Eating Healthy Foods; Healthy Diet Foods



Eating Healthy Foods

In order to train ourselves to eat healthy diet foods, we must first understand how we age and why we develop health problems and wrinkles in the first place.
It is generally believed that much of the cosmetic aging that we see on our faces, is due to free radical damage. It has been discovered that free radical damage is what leads to cancer and other health related problems. In its most elementary explanation, free radicals are molecules that are missing part of their structures. When a molecule is deformed because of missing part of its structure, it goes crazy trying to fix itself by attacking other molecules. Basically taking the missing part that it needs from an undamaged, or complete molecule, which causes that molecule to become a damaged free radical molecule, and so on.
You can see how this is quite a messy line of destruction. To make things even more frightening, free radical damage is caused by unhealthy foods, especially sugar. Sugar causes a major free radical assault, as does sunlight, and smoking. So if we consider this free radical theory of aging, which has become widely accepted over the past 20 years, since The Zone, by Barry Sears was first published, we will know that the abuse we do to our bodies with a high sugar diet and sunbathing will lead to our cells being damaged and causing a chain of further damage, resulting in inflammation and wrinkles. With this knowledge we should make a sugar free diet and self tanners, rather than the real sun, part of our lifestyle.

How in the world can a free radical assault be prevented or corrected?
Antioxidants to the rescue:

Simply by eating anti- oxidants we can arrest the assault and actually reverse some of the damage we have already done. A very simple and basic explanation to how this works is that if you have a cell with a missing piece, the anti- oxidant fills the missing space that the free radical is so desperately trying to fill, which puts the cell at ease and the assault ends. So, if we want to stop aging in its tracks and reverse some of our past free radical damage, we should eat foods that contain anti- oxidants, and no free radicals. All the power foods that I mention here are 100% anti aging anti-oxidants.

1) Salmon: When it comes to anti aging foods salmon is definitely the king. If you could only eat one food for beauty, choose salmon. Salmon contains DMAE, which is a powerful antioxidant that is only found in the skin of salmon. It stimulates nerve function and muscles to contract and tighten under the skin. In other words it tightens the skin. Nothing else has this level of anti-aging effect. If you can not stand the taste of oily fish, including salmon, try squeezing lemon or lime, and adding cilantro, or rosemary, with extra virgin olive oil. Try to find a way to make yourself eat this cure for sagging skin.

2) Blueberries, raspberries or blackberries: Berries are packed with antioxidants, giving your skin a healthy glow, vibrant color, and fighting wrinkles and free radical damage.

3) Almonds: A good natural source of protein, and a non-inflammatory food.

4) Avocado: Tasty, versatile and rich with vitamins and "good fat" that keep your skin plump. This is one of the most overlooked features of youthful skin. The fullness that healthy fat creates is not the same as the unsightly bulk that "bad fat" leads to.

5) Romaine Lettuce: One of the best sources for a leafy green vegetable you can eat. A positively healthy, anti aging, gourmet salad can be prepared with romaine lettuce and chopped almonds, extra virgin olive oil and blueberries.

6) Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Contains monosaturated fat, or "good fat", that lowers cholesterol. This miracle food can lower blood pressure, decrease the chances of breast cancer, and protect the heart and cardiovascular system. This is something you may wish to cook with or slather on your romaine salad. It is truly a beautiful food.

7) Plain Yogurt: Easy to digest, rich source of calcium, and contains "friendly bacteria".

8) Tuna in Water: Canned tuna in water is an excellent source of protein, and a versatile snack that can be prepared with a number of anti wrinkle ingredients to create tasty anti aging recipes.

9) Cottage Cheese: Another non inflammatory food and a great source of protein.

10) Sardines: They are so great for your skin that many fashion models have taken to adding these in their daily diet. If you like them, Great, if you don't, I am sorry, there is no good way of masking their strong flavor. Sardines are a great source of B vitamins and omega fats that make your skin plump and vibrant.

If you drink plenty of water every day and incorporate these foods while eliminating as much sugar as possible, you are sure to look 3-5 years younger within one month. It is really that effective. The more disciplined you follow this diet the better your results will be.
Of course smoking, drinking alcohol, and caffeine, sun bathing and eating fried foods all trigger free radicals, so if it is important to you to look your best, avoid all of these things as much as possible.


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