Monday, May 28, 2012

Running is the best way to lose weight and tone up the legs at the same time.
 The combination of a body that has been working with relatively heavy weights, and running for at least two hours per week is phenomenal.
I realize that some people have knee problems and injuries, and therefore cannot run, but for those who can safely run, by all means give it all you've got, and within one month you will not be disappointed.
When time is an issue and you just cannot crank out the full workout routine you really need, be sure and work the big muscles. Too many people these days are hung up on their abs. The abdominal muscles are small, and if you have anything other than a very low body fat percentage, the results will not be noticeable.
I promise you that if you put that same energy into working out the large muscles, the ones that people see, you will see results.
By large muscles, I mean your latissimus dorsi (or Lats), your back muscles. If you workout your back, you will develop a beautiful shape that will result from building your back muscles, and as a result, you will burn more calories, and at the same time take attention away from your tummy.
The development of the hourglass shape comes not just from having very little fat around the waist, but from having a nice roundness in the hips and V shape to the back.
Squats should be included in the "large muscle" category. Even if you do not use weights, doing a minimum of 50 squats every evening will keep your thighs looking shapely.

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